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Threehosts.com compared the web hosting services of InmotionHosting, Fatcow, and Midphase. This comparison is based on their speed, reliability, support, features and price.

Inmotion does not provide a full featured shared hosting package. All its three shared hosting plans (launch, power and pro) don’t support some features like SSH and Ruby on Rails. These are only available to Inmotion’s VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting users. Most other shared web hosts such as Bluehost and Hostgator offer all these features for free. The most important of these features is SSH (Secure Shell) which provides more security for transferring data. This is why it can’t be found any page on Inmotion displaying full details of its hosting features as detailed as some other competitors in the market, like Bluehost and Hostgator.

Fatcow web hosting package is not rich-featured. It surely makes sense to spend more time before users select an web host provider. Fatcow does not support Ruby on Rails, Perl, Shell (SSH) Access, CronJobs, and some other features. This may cause problems for users when publishing their websites.

Founded in 2003, Midphase has grown from no customers to having over 120,000 customers. They began working from a couple home offices and have grown and expanded to their current facility in Providence, Utah. Their staff has grown from the original two founders to over 200 employees. Midphase provides budget, shared, advanced and other types of web hosting services to a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals to small businesses.

Inmotion is the first choice among the three discussed companies, however, editors at Threehosts.com recommend Bluehost as the most recommended web hosting provider. The full reasons that result in Bluehost being rated the most reliable company are reachable at http://www.threehosts.com/reviews/1st.

About Threehosts.com Threehosts.com is a reliable resource for web hosting company reviews and ratings, including non-commercial hosting and eCommerce. They provide a list of top 3 trusted web hosts. Their experts have been evaluating web hosting providers for years, and now they present the information in an easy to understand format that helps the consumer make the best choice when choosing a proper web host for their personal and business websites. Here’s a link to view the comparison of Midphase, Fatcow and Inmotion Hosting provided by Threehosts.com.


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