It is very fortunate that there are websites that offer free stock photos. However, most of the free stock photos found online are likely to have some license restriction. The last thing to ask is getting involved in stock photos’ legal issues. So before you use any stock photo, you should first check the user agreement or license to be sure you are not violating any rule.

Although you might find reading the license or user agreement a waste of time; as you learn more about the different license types, however, it will help you to make a faster choice with choosing stock photos.

Notwithstanding, not all free images require you to give credit to the image-maker. Some image license agreements require you to take the time to rate and comment on the picture you download.

Whatever is the case with the license agreement, it is a minimal price to pay for the free stock photo you have received.

Therefore, I will give you some places that you can get free stock photos online.

  1. Freedigitalphotos offers both premium and free stock photo. You can use the free stock photos on this website for a variety of purposes. The photos are available in a range of categories. All the pictures are produced by the community members of the site.
  1. It is a great website worthy of creating a membership around. There are thousands of images to choose from the site. If you are looking for free smaller pictures of less than 400px, 123rf is a good place to look. It is a little difficult to locate the free images on 123rf but if you find the “stock photography” header on their home page, you ready to go.
  1. Unsplash is a great website that offers an extensive collection of high-quality photos, Unsplash is also among the best sources for stock images. All Unsplash photos are released under its license.
  1. io. offers an extensive collection of high-quality free stock photos. has a convenient search feature which makes it easy for you to browse through the thousands of images that are available. All the photos on are released under the creative commons zero licenses.
  1. Burst is a resource from Shopify that offers free stock photos for the entrepreneur. All the photos on Burst are licensed under Creative Commons Zero.