Choosing the right stock photo for your website, social media or anywhere representing your brand is overwhelming. You want to make sure that you are choosing the right photo; high quality, unique, and communicates the right message. If nothing is overwhelming, that is overwhelming.

So, you want to use free stock photographs in your branding. Sites offering Free stock photos have done half the job for you by making the stock photos free, so it’s now your turn to know how to use those free stock photos in your branding.

In this discussion, I offer three tips for using stock photography in your branding as follows.

  1. Choose photos that have a similar style with your brand. You don’t want to pick a picture that has a different style with your brand. If you do want to make your brand stand out from all other brands, you should choose photos that have a similar style with your brand. For instance, if your brand is more of a DIY, vintage brand, you should choose photos that have the same style with your brand. For example, you can choose photos that have older appearing props, wood backgrounds, and muted colored flowers. For a DIY, vintage brand, you should avoid photos that have modern accessories, gold accents, and bright colors.

  1. Choose complimentary photos. You should make sure that every stock photo you want compliments or matches all the colors that are similar to your brand. Paying close attention to your visual content is very important for your brand’s consistency and recognition. A good way to pay attention to visual content with stock photos is if you find a unique photo that you love but is not perfect for your brand; overlay the picture with a color that matches your brand. Also, you can add text to the photos using your brand’s color and fonts.

  1. Mix in your photos. I know that stock photo is good, but the stock photo is not everything. You should use stock photos as a compliment to your photos. When your audience sees stock photo on your brand now and then, it makes your brand look fake and unprofessional. You should use your photos and then mix it with stock photos. Doing that will help you keep your online presence professional and unique. At the same time, it would also build a level of trust between your brand and your audience.